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Gnarvester FAQs

The Gnarvester is our newest production frame, a titanium 29+ mountain bike frame spec’d with sliding dropouts so you can easily run a single speed setup and use any axle configuration of your choice. When will they be available? We have been in the design process for about a year now, and finally ordered our… Read more »

Carver Carbon 29er Forks Explained

As diversity in mountain bikes explodes, we at Carver attempt to keep up with the different options by continuing to offer further evolved forms of the rigid carbon fork that we know and love. At this point we offer four different 29er forks, each optimized for its particular niche. The XC 465 was our first… Read more »

1x Options for the Carver 420

These days, more and more folks are choosing to ditch their front derailleurs for the simplicity and light weight of a one-by setup, whether it’s a tired old 1×8 or a fancy new 11-speed. The only drawback is possibly losing your chain in gnarly sections of trail. Sure, a new Shadow Plus or Type 2… Read more »

Carver Bikes Innovation for 2013 and beyond …

While you don’t always see every new idea we put into prototyping, there are always a few that are too cool to keep under wraps. This is one of those ideas that we will be testing this coming year. An amazing piece of German engineering and workmanship with incredible attention to detail that we couldn’t… Read more »

Carver Carbon Cyclocross Wheels

The word is out and top riders from around the country have come calling. After a season of testing and racing around New England our Carbon Cyclocross wheels are in full production. The wheels have proven to be light weight, reasonably priced and durable. With both rim and disc brake carbon wheels now available Carver… Read more »