As diversity in mountain bikes explodes, we at Carver attempt to keep up with the different options by continuing to offer further evolved forms of the rigid carbon fork that we know and love. At this point we offer four different 29er forks, each optimized for its particular niche.

The XC 465 was our first foray into the world of rigid 29er carbon forks and should look familiar as it is a design that has been offered by a number of different companies at one time or another. This 800g fork has an axle-to-crown measurement of 465mm and a straight steerer tube. With more and more forks coming with the tapered standard, you may find a quality straight-steerer rigid carbon fork harder and harder to come by. But don’t fret…we have no plans of discontinuing this fork!


The XC 470 brings our line to the next level, featuring a full carbon tapered steerer tube and post mount disc brakes. It has a slightly higher axle-to-crown length to correct for frames with ~80mm travel forks. The XC 470 is also unique in that it is the only fork we offer with clearance for the 29+ tire platform, which makes it an ideal replacement for your steel Krampus or ECR fork. At 610g uncut, you can almost halve the weight of your front end!


The XC 480 was created to compensate for the growing amount of travel in 29er mountain bikes. At 480mm, this fork will correct for travel of up to ~100mm which can eliminate the head tube angle steepening that is present with most rigid fork conversions. This fork tips the scales at a very respectable 570g uncut.


The Trail 490 is our latest offering, and our first to use a 15mm thru axle. That fact alone brings it to the forefront of our line as 15mm is rapidly becoming the mountain bike standard. To earn the “trail” moniker, this fork adds an additional 10mm to the axle-to-crown length, thus helping to correct for even more travel in the front end (up to ~120mm) without steepening the head tube angle. But is carbon really OK for trail use? Well, this one is… at 720g uncut (sans thru axle) and massive, bulky tubing, you couldn’t ask for a burlier, stiffer rigid fork.