Pinion Gearbox Fatbike by Carver

Pinion Equipped Carver O’Beast Fatbike

Perfect gear range - Protected from the elements

After many years and many challenging projects, it is only fitting that our 350th custom frame would be something special and unusual. Since we began designing bikes with the Pinion Gearbox in 2012 we have always thought a fat-bike would be the perfect application.    Frozen derailleurs, slow ...


Carver Thru Axle Cyclocross Disc Wheels

Compatible with Focus frames and forks

We are pleased to report that our all new convertible disc hubs are compatible with the new Focus RAT (rapid thru-axle technology) on their 2015 range cyclocross bikes. As shown in this photo supplied by customer Dan Farrell of his 2015 Focus Mares CX 1.0 with our all new Carver C50 disc tubular ...


Carver Disc Rotors, Helen Wyman’s Choice

Carver Bikes Vented and Mud Runner Rotors

Carver Bikes produces some of the lightest, most innovative disc brake rotors on the market... We can tell you that all day long but the ultimate compliment / endorsement is having your components hand selected for use by one of the top cyclocross athletes in the world. Helen Wyman chooses Carver ...


Aluminum 29+ Frame In Testing

Bringing the Gnar to the masses!

29+ Represents the culmination of everything good to happen in mtb wheel sizes over the past 10 years (larger diameter x fatter rubber).    With our Ti Gnarvester continuing to be a top seller we decided a 29+ at a lower price point would be a great addition to the Carver lineup.   Carver ...


Carver Frame Sizing

The nitty gritty on how we size our frames

There has never really been a Rosetta Stone when it comes to frame sizing. Sometimes, it feels like there is no rhyme or reason to how manufacturers size their frames. Each sheet of geometry contains many numbers, some of which are essential and some of which aren't likely to affect your decision. ...