Boy, a decade can sure sneak up on you! Our “latest” blog post showcased what was, at the time, relatively uncharted territory: a Pinion-equipped fatbike. Since then, Pinion bikes have become a mainstay in our lineup. In fact, it seems like nearly half of our custom builds these days are being ordered with Pinion gearboxes. It’s really not hard to see why, as the benefits are pretty hard to ignore. Self-contained, pretty close to maintenance-free, durable, and modular. In the past 10 years we have come to find out that Pinion gearboxes are backed by some of the best customer service you can get from a company in the bicycle industry, and we would most assuredly know!

Given the immense popularity of the platform, we have expanded the Pinion-compatible lineup to each of our flagship frame models: the All-Road, 420, Gnarvester, O’Beast, and Omega’Beast. And what’s more, we are keeping these frames in stock in many sizes! In most cases, you can get an affordable titanium gearbox bike of the style you prefer with all the trimmings the same day you decide to purchase one! Given that our webstore is a US distributor for Pinion and Gates products, we stock all the commonly used gearboxes, belts and cogs used for most builds. It’s simply a matter of picking your flavor!

Touring? All-Road!

MTB? 420!

Bikepacking? Gnarvester!

Fat? O’Beast!

Super Fat? Omega’Beast!

With so many platforms the choose from, gearboxes available in 6-, 9-, 12-, and 18-speed varieties, and an almost infinite number of component combinations, the sky truly is the limit. Hit us up today and we can get you rolling on a Pinion bike of any type much sooner than you dreamt possible!