The Gnarvester is our newest production frame, a titanium 29+ mountain bike frame spec’d with sliding dropouts so you can easily run a single speed setup and use any axle configuration of your choice.

When will they be available?

We have been in the design process for about a year now, and finally ordered our first production run in the last week of September. We should be receiving the first batch in the last week of November, although as usual this date is not set in stone…

Where can I get one?

The first batch is mostly presold, but there are still slots available. Contact Carver directly or visit one of our authorized dealers to put your name on one.

What is the tire clearance?


The Gnarvester has ample clearance for the existing standard 29×3″ Knard tire on a 50mm wide Rabbit Hole rim. It is also projected to have even more clearance for the upcoming Dirt Wizard 29×2.75″ tire on a similar size rim.

What is the chainstay range?


Chainstays can adjust between 440mm and 460mm, with the Knard/Rabbit hole tire combo requiring ~445-450mm of clearance to avoid tire/frame rub during cornering or hard pedaling.

Any weird spacing for the hubs or bottom bracket?

Nope! The Gnarvester uses a standard 135mm rear end as well as a 73mm bottom bracket shell, so you don’t have to get all specialized. You can also use a super-high volume 29er tire with the chainstays in the 440mm position if you haven’t yet committed to the 29+ platform.

What fork options exist?


Currently, there is something of a dearth of suspension forks for the 29+ platform. We offer our 135mm spaced Trans-Fat suspension fork which is compatible with the Knard/Rabbit hole at 70mm, 90mm, and 100mm of travel. As for rigid forks, we recommend our XC-470 tapered carbon fork for use with the Gnarvester. It can easily accommodate the 3″ wide tire setup and weighs a paltry 610g uncut.

Can I use a front derailleur?

Currently, no. We are developing a direct mount adapter that will allow the use of a front derailleur with the Gnarvester, but for now we are very happy with the frame’s ability to use the XX1 drivetrain setup with no clearance issues. Until the adapter is complete, only 1×10/11 setups will be compatible with the Gnarvester.

What’s the name mean?




1. any of various farm machines for harvesting gnar.