While you don’t always see every new idea we put into prototyping, there are always a few that are too cool to keep under wraps. This is one of those ideas that we will be testing this coming year. An amazing piece of German engineering and workmanship with incredible attention to detail that we couldn’t be more excited to get on the trail this spring.


We are constantly researching and tinkering with ways to improve both the functionality and durability of the bikes and components we offer. To that end, after several years of research and contacts we have a prototype Pinion, internally geared crankset to test. We had a custom Carver Ti frame built to spec and we could not be more impressed with the fit and finish. The crank mounted up perfectly and will be ready to ride in a few weeks time. No word on when or if this will be available as a Carver Ti frame options, this is a true prototype frameset. Stay tuned for more details as we put the frame and gearing through its paces.

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