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Carver Bikes Innovation for 2013 and beyond …

Pinion Gearbox Anyone?

While you don't always see every new idea we put into prototyping, there are always a few that are too cool to keep under wraps. This is one of those ideas that we will be testing this coming year. An amazing piece of German engineering and workmanship with incredible attention to detail that we ...


Carver TRANS-Fat Full Suspension Fat Bike

Full Squish Fat-Bike!

A project that was close to a year in the making has finally concluded with our first production TRANS-Fat. The TRANS-Fat was originally created as a custom bike for a customer. Thankfully, the customer was willing to wait as we diligently worked out the quirks with one of the world's first ...


Carver Custom Ti “Longbow” Road Frame

The Ultimate Softtail?

From the customer that came up with the "Hammer" road disc frame we bring you the "Longbow." From the outset this project seemed to be the direct opposite of the ultra stiff ride produced by the Hammer frame. But if you look close, there are some similarities and hopefully the ride quality will be ...


Carver Bikes Titanium Super-Mini

Kids need cool bikes too!

Kids need cool bikes too... Introducing the new Carver Bikes Super-Mini. A 2.35 pound, 24" wheel, titanium mountain bike frame and 1.0 pound titanium disc fork. What started as a fun custom build for a new customer has sparked the interest of everyone in the shop who has seen the frame. Will this ...