From the customer that came up with the “Hammer” road disc frame we bring you the “Longbow.” From the outset this project seemed to be the direct opposite of the ultra stiff ride produced by the Hammer frame. But if you look close, there are some similarities and hopefully the ride quality will be just what the customer desired.


The most striking feature is the lack of a seattube. The thought process is that the double / continuous toptube-seatstay and downtube-chainstay will provide the lateral stiffness needed to support the rider when putting power to the pedals. If in fact this doesn’t work out as the customer has envisioned we have recommended a slotted “seattube” coming off the bottom bracket to allow for an extra long custom seatpost to be fitted providing some extra stiffness.


This custom frame features a dual, continuous downtube-chainstay design. The tubes are bent and begin to separate at the bottom bracket shell junction. Basically the Press-Fit 30 bottom bracket shell is welded to the tops of the downtube-chainstay. A very unique design. Since the tubes run under the BB shell (instead of a welded junction on either end of the shell) the theory is they will support the shell when under power providing enough stiffness to the drivetrain.


Like the downtube-chainstay the toptube-seatstay also features a dual / continuous tube design. The continuous tube design and arched shape will provide a structurally sound road frame that should smooth out the bumps on your next gravel century. The frame also specs a 44mm titanium headtube. The rider / creator of the frame is a tall gentleman, thus the long headtube providing a comfortable ride position.


Below is a good look at the slotted short seattube. The tube is currently long enough to hold a front derailleur and if needed, install a seatpost clamp to hold a custom extra long seatpost that will also act a stiffening seatpost.


If you can dream it up, we can build it for you. We obviously try to help with design and let you know if we feel a particular design will just not work. But in the end we really enjoy creating custom frames for our customers who have a passion for bike frame design.