Crash Replacement

Breaking parts is a bummer, but it happens. We use our small size to go far beyond the industry standard warranty protocol. We will offer a crash replacement at our wholesale cost for any broken product, for any reason, at any time. This offer carries forward to any new owner.

Warranty Procedure

Please call ahead or e-mail for a warranty Return Authorization number. We will inspect the part, and, if deemed warranty, replace or repair it at our expense, and return it promptly, postage paid. The cost of shipping the part to us (or our builder in Asia in the case of a custom frame) is your responsibility. Please be sure to use a trackable parcel service like Fedex, UPS or USPS Priority. If you are in a hurry, just let us know, and we can apply the ground portion of the shipping, and charge just the difference for expedited delivery. Occasionally we will not be able to replace or repair to the exact specification. If that occurs, we will be sure to honor the warranty with an equivalent or better part.

Important Note
Here at Carver, we offer a number of highly specific products. Some of them are preferred by a very small number of riders, some offer a potential solution to classically tricky problems, and some are just plain wacky. We assume that our customers know exactly what they want when they place an order, so for this reason we can’t accept returns on non-defective products. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a particular item, check around for some product reviews or better yet, give us a call first. We pride ourselves on honesty and will gladly steer a daily commuter away from titanium rotors or a 300-pound rider away from a titanium stem!

Titanium Frame Warranty

The Ti All-Road frame carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner. We offer a five-year warranty on all other titanium frames to the original owner.

 Aluminum Frame and Component Warranty

Aluminum frames and components carry a three-year warranty to the original owner.

 Carbon Frame/Fork and Titanium Component Warranty

Carbon frames, carbon forks, and titanium components (handlebars, seatposts, rotors) carry a two-year warranty to the original owner against manufacturer defects.

Carbon Rim/Wheel Warranty

Carbon rims and wheels carry a one-year warranty to the original owner against manufacturer defects only, and not against any other defect. Real talk: it probably wasn’t defective. You probably just broke it. It happens, and it sucks. We are happy to offer a crash replacement program for broken rims and rims, but we will not warranty rims for issues that happen as a result of riding or wheel building.