Aluminum Gnarvester

29+ for the masses!

Featuring the same geometry that made the Gnarvester a cut above the rest of the 29+ offerings, this rig comes in 7005 aluminum for a snappy ride that might even fly under the checkbook radar.

Titanium 420

Suspension Corrected 29er / 650B Trail bike

With the advent of 29er and 650B hardtails like the Kona Honzo and the Canfield Nimble Nine, the Ti 420 represents the culmination of the short-chainstay frame style. Ti softens the blows and drops the weight, while 420mm chainstays ensure snappy handling.

Titanium Gnarvester

A 29+ Titanium Bike Ready for Anything

A light and nimble titanium 29+ bike ready to take you places only limited by your imagination.


Lighter. Stiffer. Faster. Meaner.

At around 3 pounds, the all carbon Carver Carbo’Beast aims to offer a diet fatbike frame at the same insane Carver value you’ve all come to know.


Comfort Recumbent

The Carver Ti Glide is a titanium long wheelbase recumbent, built to be stable and comfortable. We offer a 700c rear/ 20” front wheel  lightweight version for primarily road use, as well as a 26”/26” heavier duty version for road, gravel, and light offroad. In each configuration, we offer three drivetrain choices:  Standard threaded bottom… Read more »

Titanium O’Beast

Titanium Fat Bike Purpose Built From the Ground Up

The O’Beast promises to deliver the lightest and most comfortable ride no matter if you’re hitting the trails, putting along on the beach, or doing a long-distance tour across Greenland.