Trans-Fat Full Suspension Fatbike

The Next Level of Squish!

Welcome to the next level of squish! Offering four inches of rear travel in addition to the vast amount of suspension in the tires, the Carver Trans-Fat will boldly go where no bike has gone before and be excessively comfortable doing it.

The TRANS-Fat features clearance for 5.0″ fat bike tires and is constructed of 3/2.5 aerospace grade seamless titanium throughout.  It will also accept 29″plus or 27.5  plus wheels. Any crank or gearing can be used. In fact, almost every detail of this frame is available for customization. With your choice of Paragon sliding insert, you can set it up with a wide variety of drivetrain choices and axle standards. Our 18″ frame weighs in at 5.75 lbs. The production frames will include 3 sets of water bottle bosses, rack mounts and eight serviceable cartridge bearing pivots. After purchasing the item, Carver Bikes will contact you via phone or email to lock down the details like size, finish, etc… Price includes a RockShox Monarch rear shock, although other options are available. Pinion cradle option available as well, at an upgrade cost of $500.00.


You Tell Us!





Is this frame in stock?

Probably not. While we commit to keeping all sizes of our production frames in stock, the Trans-Fat is a little bit too nichey and expensive to keep around for immediate sale. We do usually have one medium or large frame in stock, but that is about the extent of it. Give us a call though…maybe you’ll get lucky!

You…um…sure that’s the right price?

Yup! This frame is a serious work of art and uses more raw titanium than two of our other frames combined. It has also required a massive amount of design labor (which of course includes failed prototypes.) Rest assured, when you see this frame in person the price tag is the last thing you’ll think of…

Do you really need dual suspension with 5″ tires?

The answer to this question really depends on your location and riding style. Here in Maine, it’s not so uncommon to ride trails with so many obstacles and litter in the way that you almost wonder if it even is a trail! If you’re not an expert trials rider, the Trans-Fat is your ticket to cleaning that trail without even paying attention. Boasting more stability than a tricycle and a plusher ride than a downhill bike, we can guarantee that the Trans-Fat is a ride you have never experienced.

 How long does it take to make?

Usually we can get a custom frame in as little as 6 weeks, with the average being about 8. These frames, however, require a huge number of man-hours to fabricate, and lead times can exceed 12 weeks.

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