Ti Glide

All day rider...

The Carver Ti Glide is a titanium long wheelbase recumbent, built to be stable and comfortable.

We offer a 700c rear/ 20” front wheel  lightweight version for primarily road use, as well as a 26”/26” heavier duty version for road, gravel, and light offroad.

In each configuration, we offer three drivetrain choices:

  1.  Standard threaded bottom bracket for derailleur drive, internally geared hubs and Bafang electric assist
  2. Pinion specific CNC machined cradle to accept a 6, 9, 12 or 18 speed Pinion gearbox.
  3. Bosch compatible CNC Machined cradle to accept Bosch electric assist



-3/2.5 seamless aerospace titanium tubing

-44 mm  CNC machined head tube to fit any fork

-Paragon sliding dropout inserts to fit many different hub configurations and disc mounts

-Rack mounts and fender mounts are standard

-Two sets of bottle cage mounts on the top tube

-6.09 lbs and 6.35 lbs respectively for Ti Glide and Ti Glide 26

-Welded idler bracket to accept Terra Cycle and other 8 mm idlers


Ti-Glide frame with threaded bottom bracket                             $2400.00

Ti-Glide frame with CNC machined Pinion gearbox cradle      $2700.00

For custom geometry                                                          add $300.00


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