Carbon Disc Wheelset

Road / Gravel / CX Disc Wheels, Tubular or Clincher

The tradition continues…

Almost two decades ago Carver’s very first production wheelset was a rim brake carbon tubular for the then-hot CX market. A few years later, when disc brakes started to take hold on CX bikes, there were no affordable disc brake carbon tubular wheelsets available. So, we made one. The rest, as they say, is history.

We’ve revamped our wheel lineup to streamline our offerings and update our rims to reflect current trends.  We stuck with Novatec hubs for their proven performance and value but switched to a centerlock disc version for quicker rotor changes. Tried and true J-bend bladed black spokes with external black alloy nipples allow for easy maintenance in the field. 2 cross front and rear, 24 or 28 hole based on model.  Easily convertible between all major (non-boost) axle and drivetrain standards.  We have four models that offer best in class value for road, gravel or CX.

The “T” in TXC stands for tubular and is for those that still want the performance advantage of running tubulars for CX or love the lively feel of tubulars on the road.

The “R” in RXC stands for road, but don’t let that fool you. These wheels can do it all. If you can only have one set of carbon wheels then these are the ones you want. You can run down to a 25mm tire and up to 110psi for full go on the road, but they will also handle up to a 52mm tire if you want to get off the beaten path. Whatever that means to you is your choice. Mount the tire that matches your adventure and go for it!

The “A” in AXC stands for all-road and it’s the Goldilocks of our wheel lineup. It covers the widest range of tire sizes, yet still has the same volume as our GXC full gravel wheelset. If you spend some time on pavement but don’t need to go super skinny then you can run a tire down to 28mm and up to 95psi. On the other end of the spectrum, if you like to get a little rowdy with your gravel ride you can run up to a 60mm tire. That is, if you can fit a 2.3” tire in your bike…

The “G” in GXC stands for gravel as in “all gravel all the time” and is for when you know you won’t be running a tire smaller than 38mm or over 50psi. You give up some tire size range over our other wheels, but in turn you get the highest volume and lightest wheelset in our clincher offerings.

  • 700c wheel size


  • 30mm depth (20mm on GXC)


  • Tubeless compatible clincher or tubular (TXC only)


  • Bladed black spokes, black alloy nipples


  • 24 hole 2X front and rear (28 hole on GXC)


  • 9×100 QR, 12×100 TA or 15×100 TA front hub axle


  • 10x135mm QR or 12×142 TA rear hub axle


  • Center Lock disc


  • Up to 11 speed standard cassette, SRAM XD, SRAM XD-R or Shimano Microspline


  • TXC: 1250 grams / pair, 25mm external width


  • RXC: 1370 grams / pair, 28mm external width, 21mm internal width


  • AXC: 1390 grams / pair, 31mm external width, 24mm internal width


  • GXC: 1290 grams / pair, 30mm external width, 24mm internal width


  • Skewers included with QR configuration only


Component Care


I’m getting an intermittent, random squeak from one or both wheels, how do I stop it?

This noise is the o-ring on the end caps of the hub dragging slightly during the rotation of the wheel. Simply remove, grease, and reinstall the o-ring to take care of the issue.

Why is my wheel out of true?

While we hand-finish our wheels before shipment and pack them well, it’s possible for a wheel to be knocked out of true during shipment, or go slightly out of true upon the gluing and inflation of tubular tires. Due to high spoke tensions from the factory, we recommend detensioning the wheel to true, rather than tensioning to true.

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