Fat Bike Front Hub

Fat-Bike Hubs for Any Occasion!

Keeping up with the fatbike hub standards is enough to make one crazy. Luckily Carver Bikes is around to distill it all into the essentials. We offer two different hub bodies, one of which has three possible configurations:

The 9x135mm QR front hub is front disc spaced and fits on almost every QR fatbike fork on the market (weight: 200g)

The 15x135mm Thru-Axle hub is a great match for our Trans-Fat and Carbo’Beast forks, as well as many other rigid thru axle fat forks (weight: 200g)

The 15x142mm Thru-Axle hub is specific to the Beargrease fork (weight: 200g)

The 15x150mm Thru-Axle hub is compatible with the Bluto fork and is not convertible to any other configuration (weight: 260g)

Swapping end caps is a breeze, and the hubs have cartridge bearings for long life and easy serviceability. And, in typical Carver style, this ain’t no highway robbery…we’re selling each hub for under $100.00! Various decals are available.

Hub measurements for the 135mm hub body:
Flange Diameter: 57.5mm
Right Center to Flange: 52mm
Left Center to Flange: 42mm

Hub measurements for the 150mm hub body:
Flange Diameter: 58mm
Right Center to Flange: 55mm
Left Center to Flange: 45mm

  • 32-Hole
  • 6-Bolt Disc
  • Weight: 200g (135/142mm); 260g (150mm)
  • 135, 142, or 150mm Over Lock Nut Width


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