Straight or Tapered, Suspension-Corrected

Born amidst a generation of Bluto-equipped bikes, the Popeye is meant to be a direct rigid replacement for that fork. Featuring the same tire clearance, 15×150 axle spacing, and tapered steerer tube as the Bluto, swapping forks for the season couldn’t be easier.

While the Bluto is an excellent fork that we’re proud to spec on our bikes, there are conditions where its utility fades. Maine winters tend to boast those conditions frequently, and lots of riders elect to shelf their suspension fork in favor of a light and maintenance-free option. With no moving parts to freeze or fail, the Popeye is sure to keep you riding.

Featuring the classic chassis shared by most of our alloy steerer mountain bike forks, the Popeye has over 10 years of reliability in its DNA. At $299 and a mere 940g (without axle), Popeye is close to half the weight and under half the price of a Bluto. (Spinach not included.)

  • 150 x 15mm Thru-Axle
  • Front Axle Included
  • Straight or Tapered Aluminum Steerer Tube
  • Clearance for 5″ Tires
  • 45mm Offset
  • 490mm Axle to Crown


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