O’Beast Thru-Axle

The original returns, stiffer than ever!

Carver Bikes’ bestselling product returns with the same catch-all 1-1/8” straight steerer and an updated 15mm thru axle. Accepts up to a 4.8 inch tire (and beyond!) This is a front disc offset fork, designed to be used with a front 135 disc hub like the Paul Whub. It can be used with any other, rear-spaced 135 mm hub by using a 5 mm rotor spacer kit, which we include at no charge. As with any carbon steerer fork, you will need to use a compression plug, rather than a star nut. A star nut will damage the steerer tube.
  • Full carbon 3K weave
  • 615 grams uncut (700g including thru axle)
  • 1-1/8″ x 254mm carbon steerer
  • 135mm hub spacing
  • Front disc offset (spacers included)
  • 45mm fork rake
  • 465mm axle-to-crown
  • Post mount disc caliper mount
  • Clearance for 4.8 inch tires (and beyond!)


Component Care

-A lot of headset top race /collars will go on very tight, especially if you’re leaving the steerer tube uncut. If you’re having an issue fitting them, lightly sand around the top of the steerer. A little bit of alcohol will help, too.

-Crown races also may go on tight. Be sure to use an approved crown race setter, and don’t be afraid of givin’ it some. Not getting over the ridge? Lightly sand it down and use some grease or lube. Another handy trick is to put the fork in the freezer and heat up the crown race or top cap.

-Don’t put a star nut in this fork! Full carbon steerer tubes use a compression plug.

-This fork  is set up for a  front disc offset 135 mm hub. We include a spacer kit which may be used to correctly space the disc rotor, if you are using a rear disc offset hub.

-There is quite a bit of variation among front hubs.  The gap between the rotor and caliper mount is as small as we could make it, for braking rigidity. Occasionally we will encounter a rotor hitting the caliper mounting studs. Sanding the rotor spacer a bit or gently sanding the caliper mount will take care of the problem, and won’t affect the performance or warranty. A small shim washer on the disc end of the hub works well to space the hub away from the fork.

-Occasionally there may be a bit of residual carbon in the disc mounting holes. Just a few strokes with a file should take care of it, and will not affect the integrity of the fork.

-Since these forks are molded carbon, it may be occasionally necessary to face the mounting surface. Just a little filing will set the mounting angle properly.

-The Carbon Obeast is designed for 160 mm rotors.

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