26″ Steel Fork

Retro Fork to Resurrect Your 26er!

Picking up where the classic Kona Project 2 steel fork left off, we now offer an affordable rigid steel mountain bike fork for 26″ bikes! The fork is available with an 1-1/8″ steerer in 410mm (1100g) and 440mm (1120g) axle-to-crown lengths, with the 410mm also available in a 1″ steerer tube (1060g). Features include 3″ of tire clearance, fender mounts, and mid-blade eyelets. 45mm rake, 300mm steerer tube length.


-Available in 410mm axle-to-crown (1″ or 1-1/8″ steerer tube) or 440mm (1-1/8″ steerer tube only)

-Rim brake bosses for 26″ wheel

-Fender Mounts

-Mid Blade Rack Eyelets

-45mm Rake

-300mm Steerer Tube Length



Component Care

What fork should I pick, the 410mm or the 440mm?


The best way to determine which fork you need is to take an axle-to-crown measurement of the fork you’re replacing. If it’s a suspension fork, be sure to deduct the sag, which is commonly about 15-35% of the travel.

Example #1: you have a Rockshox Judy DH with an axle to crown measurement of 430mm and 80mm of travel. 430 – (25% * 80) = 410mm, so go with the 410.

Example #2: you have a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 with an axle to crown measurement of 470mm and 100mm of travel. 470 – (25% * 100) = 445mm, so go with the 440.


When in doubt, we usually recommend going with the 440mm. This will slacken your head angle, which on older bikes is usually steep by today’s standards.

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