Titanium Early Riser

High-Rise Titanium Handlebar

Riser bars are back, and wider than ever. If you’re seeking a titanium version, look no further! Whether you need to get more upright or are going for that awesome aesthetic, the Early Riser is sure to please. 100% not guaranteed not to be a boat anchor. The native clamp size is 22mm so you can run it like the BMX bar it’s styled after, but it includes a set of shims for 31.8mm for normal MTB applications. 25.4mm shims are available as well, just ask!

  • 438g
  • 90mm rise
  • 830mm wide
  • 0deg upsweep
  • 15deg backsweep
  • 22.2mm clamp diameter
  • Includes shims for 31.8mm clamp diameter


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