Titanium Speedwing

Adjustable Recumbent Handlebars

The Carver Titanium Speedwing recumbent handlebar offers several advantages over conventional recumbent handlebars. The most important is adjustability: wrist angle and reach can be adjusted with a 5mm allen wrench via the telescoping design. The handlebar can also be raised or lowered by adjusting the angle at the stem. We usually recommend the Rans 7.5 inch forged riser to be used with the Speedwing handlebar. The height adjustment range is 16″ to 24″ and maximum handlebar width is 29″. Complete handlebar weight is 935g. Additional crossbar pieces can be purchased in order to offer an alternative mounting position for computers, lights, fairings, etc.

  • 935g
  • 29″ wide
  • 16″-24″ height


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