Titanium Disc Rotors

Weight weenie alert!

Okay, so maybe we went a little overboard with this one. But remember, there are weight weenies and racers out there who have been waiting for this product since the dawn of the time. You know who you are. At 65g for the 160mm 6-bolt offering, these rotors give new meaning to the expression “race-day only.” A 50g 140mm 6-bolt offering is also available for the weight weenie elite. These rotors are only compatible with organic or resin disc pads, and a certain amount of squeal is common especially in wet conditions. If you ride a lot near recording studios in the Pacific Northwest, stainless might be the better call!

  • 160mm: 65grams
  • 140mm: 50grams
  • Titanium
  • Mounting Bolts Not Included
  • Use Resin or Organic Pads
  • Standard 6-Bolt Mount


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