Mud Runner CX Rotors

So your brake pads last more than one lap!

Carver Bikes continues to innovate purpose driven products with the new Mud Runner Disc Rotor. It is designed to address the issue of accelerated pad wear on disc brake equipped cyclocross bikes during wet, muddy races. The superior braking performance of disc brakes is undeniable but that performance lasts only as long as the brake pad. The idea for the solid braking surface rotor is from motocross racers who switch their vented rotors for solid rotors on really muddy courses to extend brake pad life. The concept is that in certain types of mud the windows in a vented rotor actually hold the mud and act as a grinding stone. With a solid rotor there are no windows for the mud to collect and the leading edge of the pad actually wipes mud off the braking surface much like a rim brake and extends the life of the pads. The side benefit is that there is significantly more braking surface. Weight is always a consideration for cross so to keep the weight down the Mud Runner Rotor is based on our 2-piece Vented Disc Rotor which is the lightest 2-piece rotor on the market. The addition of the solid braking surface of the Mud Runner Rotor only brings the weight up to other manufacturer’s 2-piece vented rotors. So have your cake and eat it too.

  • Available in 140mm or 160mm
  • 2-Piece rotor design
  • ** Increased Break In Time
  • ** CX Training & Racing


Component Care

**Important Break In Information** – Due to the increased braking surface and lack of vent windows shaving off brake pad material, the Mud Runner Rotor will take slightly longer to bed in than a vented rotor. Allow for adequate break in period to achieve maximum braking power.

**Important Safety Information** – These rotors are meant for CX training and racing where heat dissipation is not an issue. These rotors are not tested or intended for disc road bike use or any application where there is extended hard braking where heat buildup is a factor in braking system performance.

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