A Rear Axle for Any Bike!

One of the most frustrating, proprietary parts around is now a bit less of a headache! Our Myriaxle is a 12x197mm rear axle that can be cut down to any length required. 190mm? 177mm? 170mm? 150mm? 148mm? 142mm? 135mm? All are available with a few swift strokes with a hacksaw.

We offer the Myriaxle in three different thread pitches to cover 99% of the axles on the market. 1.0tpi to replace most DT Swiss axles, 1.5tpi to replace most Shimano axles, and 1.75tpi for RockShox replacements. Only 60g uncut!


-Available in 1.0, 1.5, and 1.75tpi pitches

-Comes 197mm long natively, can be cut to length

-60g uncut

-6mm Allen Button Head



Component Care

How should I cut my myriaxle?

We recommend threading the axle into the dropout and then cutting off the extra with a hacksaw. Use a wire wheel or sandpaper to de-burr and clean up the end.

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