Fork It All

One Adapter to Rule them All

One adapter to rule them all! The Carver Fork It All attaches to a standard 100mm QR fork mount and accepts end caps for six of the most popular standard axle standards. Mount your downhill bike, your plus bike, your old fatbike, your new fatbike, your wicked new fatbike, and more all with this one affordable solution!

We also offer the Fork It All with a flat base and two screw holes, allowing you to mount the adapter to your truck bed, floor, wall, ceiling, trailer…you name it!


-Rust-resistant black ED coating

-Rugged steel construction



Component Care

What DON’T you plan to make adapters for?

We don’t plan to offer adapters forĀ 15 x 142, Maverick, or Lefty Hubs. This may be an incomplete list.

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