While we wait for some more sliding dropouts to arrive, here’s a cool bit of good news for anyone who owns or is thinking about purchasing a Ti 420!

Originally, the plan was to offer the first batch of 420 frames with 135mm, IS sliding dropouts, with the second batch being compatible with any Paragon Machine Works inserts to allow for more combinations of slider style. This is still the plan, but one of our “backburner projects” that was slated for well into next year came to a surprising finish just a few days ago: 12×142 post mount sliders for the current generation of 420s!


These ones are made from 6061 aluminum and ruggedly beautiful. Careful not to cut your finger on the precision CNC machined edges! Thanks to the new post mount brake mount, you can ditch that annoying IS to PM brake adapter for all but the oldest calipers.

With all of the different options available for 12×142 thru axle systems, it was very difficult to decide on a specific system to stick with. However, after much consideration, we settled on the Shimano XTR M988 unit. Why not a Maxle? Why not DT Swiss? Well, the answer lies in Shimano’s unique replaceable female thread design. While thru axles like RockShox and DT thread directly into the frame or slider, Shimano’s design actually has a separate female threaded piece that can be replaced in the event of stripping or damage to the dropout.


Simply unscrew the 3mm allen bolt shown below, remove the “star washer,” place the Shimano female nut into the recess, and replace the washer/bolt. Another very handy feature of the Shimano system is the ability to select from nine different positions in which the QR can be oriented in the closed position. No more having your QR lever sticking out at an awkward angle!


We received ten pairs of these dropouts, and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis for $30.00 a pair. Haven’t bought a 420 yet? Let us know and we will spec these dropouts instead for no charge!