We recently built a BMX frame for a local rider who is pushing the limits with some very creative / daring stunt riding. Andy’s new Ti BMX frame was designed to give him the light weight ride he needed to perform tricks like the “UHaul Bunny Hop Front Flip” seen below. (Bike specs, images and note from Andy MacKellar inside…)

From the rider, Andy MacKellar:

“I’ve been riding my Ti Carver BMX frame for about a month now, and I love it! It was well worth the wait. Carver Bikes worked with me to come up with a frame design specifically for me and my style of riding. The design was based off a chromoly frame that I previously rode and liked, but was no longer being made. Carver used the dimensions from my old frame as a baseline and created a 2D electronic drawing of it on the computer. From there Carver worked with me each day for about a week to adjust certain dimensions and completely customize the design/frame. With Carver I was literally able to do whatever I dreamed of with this frame; from personalized cut outs to reduce weight, as well as removable break bosses and removable gyro tabs.

Many BMX riders have been afraid to ride Ti frames in the past because of how the frames used to be made. Frame manufactures often compromised strength to save bike weight. Carver did not allow this to happen. They took extra care with my frame to make sure it was not only super light but also very strong. He suggested making multiple alterations to the design to stiffen up my frame and ensure that the flex of titanium was manageable. I couldn’t be any happier with the level of detail that was put into this frame.”


Andy’s Ti Carver BMX frame features a 20.4″ toptube, Euro bottom bracket, removable brake mounts and standard 1-1/8″ headset. The frame was designed for strength while still being incredibly light at only 2.87 lbs.


For added strength the frame has gussets on the top of the toptube / headtube junction and the bottom of the downtube / headtube junction. We have built BMX race and cruiser bikes before but have never built one with the specific needs Andy had. Andy needed a bike that would easily throw a tail-whip and hold up on a landing from 15 feet off the ground. With demanding rider specs come amazing bikes. If you are in the market for a BMX race or jump bike drop us a line!