XC 410

1 Inch steerer Carbon Fork.

26″ is not dead yet…nor will it ever be! With this fork, you can stick it to the industry and ride your rigid 26er into the sunset in comfort. The fork features either a cromoly 1″ steerer or a 1-1/8″ inch aluminum steerer. The crown and dropouts are aluminum bonded to carbon legs. This fork is designed to be used with disc brakes, but canti bosses are available for $29.95 for the ultimate retrogrouch.

Designed for use with 26 inch mountain wheels, the fork has an axle-crown measurement of 410mm and weighs an impressive 800 grams on the Bikeman scale for the alloy steerer version. The 1″ cromo steerer weighs in at 940g on the Bikeman scale with an uncut steerer tube, although the bulk of that weight is from the cromoly steerer tube which will likely be cut. Each version has a 235 pound rider limit.

  • Carbon Legs – 3K weave
  • 800 grams uncut (alloy) or 940g uncut (cromo)
  • IS disc mount
  • 1-1/8″ x 300mm alloy steerer or 1″ x 300mm cromo
  • 410mm axle to crown
  • 42mm fork offset
  • 26″ compatible
  • Optional canti brake mounts shown


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