Gnarvester Fork

Everyman's XC Plus Fork

Light, inexpensive, and simple. The Gnarvester fork is a sub-4lb 120mm travel suspension fork designed to accommodate 29×3″ tires and 15×110 Boost hubs.

7050 aluminum form the tapered steerer tube and 32mm stanchions, while the lowers are constructed of 6061 aluminum and high-modulus carbon. The fork has a 45mm offset and an axle-to-crown measurement of 546mm without sag. Adjustments include rebound, compression, and lockout.

Due to the limited stanchion size, this fork is most at home in a XC/Trail setting. For bigger hits and more stiffness, we recommend forks with at least 34mm stanchions.

  • 7050 aluminum steerer and 32mm stanchions
  • 6061 aluminum and carbon lowers
  • Weight: 3.9lbs (1790g) with axle
  • Clearance for 3″ tires on 29x50mm rims
  • 540mm axle to crown
  • 45mm offset


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