Carbon CX Disc

Perfect gravel grinder fork!

The Carver Bikes full carbon DISC road, touring, cyclocross fork is here! The fork features a full carbon steerer tube and fork leg design with IS disc mounts.

Durable enough for cross / epic dirt road / trail adventures. The 760g Carver Disc cyclocross / road fork is designed to be stiff enough enough for the performance oriented rider who wants to take on a dirt road epic or light trail ride when the occasion presents itself.

As with any carbon steerer fork, you will need to use a compression plug, rather than a star nut. A star nut will damage the steerer tube.

45 mm rake. 300 mm steerer tube length. Internal clearance of 55 mm for a max tire size of 45 mm. 395 mm axle to crown length.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 2015, the internal design of this fork has been changed to increase durability. This resulted in a significant 130g increase in weight. Please be aware of this when ordering this fork!

  • Full carbon 3K weave
  • 760 grams uncut
  • IS disc mount
  • Fender eyelets
  • 1-1/8″ x 300mm carbon steerer
  • 395mm axle to crown
  • Clearance for 45mm tire


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