Alloy Rotor Bolts

Great way to save precious grams

Carver Alloy Rotor Bolts are sold in a set of 6 bolts and come in three colors. Great way to save precious grams. Probably the most economical dollar per gram weight savings you can buy and bling your whip at the same time. The bolts are made from light weight 7075 Aluminum Alloy and feature a T20 Torx head. Set of 6 Bolts weighs a mere 6 grams. Available in Black or Blue. Not recommended for DH or dirt jumping use. DO NOT exceed 4nM assembly torque.

  • T20 Torx Head
  • 7075 Aluminum Alloy
  • Sold in set of 6-bolts
  • 6grams per set
  • Available in Black or Blue


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