Titanium O’Beast Frame

Dialed Fatbike Geometry in a Versatile, Classy Frame

Carver’s original production ti fat bike frame, and the most popular frame we’ve ever produced! The O’Beast now comes stock with sliding dropouts, giving it the versatility to accept a wide variety of axle and dropout styles. The O’Beast comes in a brushed (polished) finish with a bead blasted logo only and has rack mounts.

While optimized around 4″ tires, the O’Beast can accommodate 4.8″ tires with a few adjustments (see the FAQ section.) Typically we recommend the Omega’Beast which has ample clearance for all setups over 4.8″

  • 44mm Headtube
  • 34.9mm seatpost collar
  • 31.6mm seatpost
  • High direct mount front derailleur (not included)
  • 170mm spacing (177mm thru axle available with slider version)
  • 100mm bottom bracket shell
  • 3/2.5 Seamless Aerospace Ti
  • 12 sizes from 14″ to 23″
  • 6mm water cut dropouts
  • Rear Rack Mounts
  • Belt Drive Compatible (slider version only)

With Sliding Dropouts and Quick-Release $1,399.95

With Sliding Dropouts and Thru-Axle $1,449.95

With Pinion Cradle $1899.95 (lead time)

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Can I run bigger tires than 4.7″?

With a sacrifice or two, you probably can! The easiest way to allow for additional tire clearance is to go with a 1x setup in the front. The more outboard chainline will keep your chain from rubbing on the tire, allowing for a wider tire. Another way to help is by truncating your cassette. This is the act of removing cogs from the cassette, and replacing them with an equal amount of spacers behind the cassette. This also brings your chainline more outboard and increases the distance between tire and chain.


Can I use a Bluto on this frame?

Sure! It will slacken your angles by a bit, but that’s usually not a bad thing. Keep in mind that not all sizes have clearance for the compression adjustment knob, so a conversion crown race piece will be included.


We build our Ti O’Beast frames in 1” increments all the way up to 24″. Just scroll to the right so see specs for our larger frames

Seat Tube14in15in16in17in18in19in20in21in22in23in24in
Effective TT22in22in22.5in23in23.5in24in24.5in25in25.5in26in26.5in
Head Tube Length105mm105mm110mm110mm120mm120mm135mm135mm135mm135mm135mm
BB Height315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm
Head Tube Angle69°69°69.5°70°70°70°70°70°70°70°70°
Chainstay LengthSliding dropouts have a chainstay length range of 450mm—470mm
  • BB height is based on 26 x 4” tires and a wheel diameter of 770mm.
  • Geometry table is based on a 465mm axle-to-crown fork.