Titanium O’Beast

Titanium Fat Bike Purpose Built From the Ground Up

Here at Carver bikes, we pride ourselves on having an eye for the newest developments in the industry and we’re often one of the leaders when it comes to new offerings in the bike world. Our fatbike is no exception…we designed and built up our first demo almost immediately upon the arrival of Surly’s breakout Pugsley. Since those days of obsolete 150mm/100mm fatbike spacing and treadless tires, we have been slowly polishing our frame design and build spec. Now, we’re ready to offer our O’Beast frame and kit in a complete bike that is certain to turn heads. Featuring our 570g Carbon O’Beast fork as well as workhorse componentry, the O’Beast promises to deliver the lightest and most comfortable ride no matter if you’re hitting the trails, putting along on the beach, or doing a long-distance tour across Greenland.

  • 12 sizes from 14″ to 25″
  • Build is completely customizeable – use our kitbuilder below
  • Insane value vs. frame alone!
Complete Bike
Frame Price



We build our Ti O’Beast frames in 1” increments all the way up to 24″. Just scroll to the right so see specs for our larger frames

Seat Tube14in15in16in17in18in19in20in21in22in23in24in
Effective TT22in22in22.5in23in23.5in24in24.5in25in25.5in26in26.5in
Head Tube Length105mm105mm110mm110mm120mm120mm135mm135mm135mm135mm135mm
BB Height315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm315mm
Head Tube Angle69°69°69.5°70°70°70°70°70°70°70°70°
Chainstay LengthSliding dropouts have a chainstay length range of 450mm—470mm
  • BB height is based on 26 x 4” tires and a wheel diameter of 770mm.
  • Geometry table is based on a 465mm axle-to-crown fork.